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Game News
Welcome to Out in Force

We are a PvE fun loving guild committed to enjoying the game and its story, looking forward to raiding and leveling as a guild as SWTOR continues on.  Main principle is to help guild members and other people that need it, but keeping ourselves respectful, no matter how many trolls are out there.  We look forward to seeing your progress with us and hope you enjoy yourselves.
Guild News

2 Weeks We Raid

TheFuggler, Feb 15, 12 5:21 AM.
In 2 weeks we start raiding.  The sign-ups are posted and ready to go, you got ample time to get the gear you need.

Major changes

TheFuggler, Feb 12, 12 7:03 AM.
We now have another Ventrilo Server and also can expand on the forums.  So here is the focus we are recruiting for 8 man weekend raids and another set for 8 man night time raids during Weds and Thurs.  World Boss hunts are on Sundays and we run Flashpoints and Hard modes on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I am also looking for a raid leader for the weekend raid anyone can man up to do it by posting on forums.  Welcome to Out in Force.

Trimming the Guild Fat and Event Changes

TheFuggler, Feb 7, 12 3:28 AM.
We will be getting rid of guildies that have been inactive over the past 30 days, so if you been active label your alts.  Characters that have been registered on the webpage will not be removed and have a 20 day grace period for a response on forums.  Also new Calender setup and recruitment push will be implemented after the removal.

Guild Event Available

TheFuggler, Jan 11, 12 4:14 PM.
New Guild Event now posted on Calender, sign up on website and attend.  It will be a fun day

Out in Force is up and running

TheFuggler, Jan 4, 12 4:34 PM.
Welcome to our new website, it is still fresh off the press but work will continue as time goes on, so be patient more along the way.
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